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Thursday, May 27, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Famous Make Up Artist Yiannis Marketakis on LaFashionelle

Famous Max Factor's Exclusive Representative Make Up Artist Yiannis Marketakis needs no big words. His work can speak for himself. Being in the fashion industry for many years and having on his back great collaborations with many Greek Celebrities, Yiannis is giving some of his precious time to answer to some of my questions...

  • What are the challenges that you have faced in your job since your very beginning? Since I first started my job, I had to deal with so many challenges. The most important thing was to become recognizable by people, and then to manage to get, through my work, the fashion world and the celebrities to trust me as well as theirselves on my hands. Also, in this job we have to deal everyday with so many different characters, so healthy personal relationships and communication are necessary. Well, I managed to succeed  both of these qualities very soon, I guess!
  • What is the thing that you love the most about your job? What I love the most about my job is creativity. Professional Make Up is a job that you can never get tired of. There is no daily routine, since everyday with work in a different location with different people. So, every day is not the same. Also , I love the fact that I have the ability to transform and create image and style.

 Zeta Makrypoulia/ Make up By Yiannis Marketakis

  • Could you tell me what a day is like, being a famous make up artist like you? A day of a Make Up Artist can be so busy, because we have to deal with so many different things. For example, in the morning I could be in a photo shooting for a Magazine's editorial or cover. At noon, I could be on the shooting of a commercial spot. At night , you could find me on a night club, taking care of the make up of a famous singer...and the morning after, you can find me in the airport, flying to N.Y.C. for a specific campaign or to Europe for an International Conference (Max Factor).
  • Can you think of a celebrity what you would definitely love to work with in the near future? I' ve worked with most of Greece's male and female celebrities and stars. If someone asked me right now with whom male or female star I would really like to work with, well, I would say in Greece with Eirini Pappa and abroad I would like to work with Bjork!
  • Can you tell me a funny/strange moment you had while doing a celebrity's makeup? A funny moment...well, one night I was doing Helena's Paparizou make up, as I usually do. We were all gathered at the night club a little early and we were sitting backstage, talking about big music divas like Tina Turner. And then Helena asked me: "Can you transform me into Tina Turner tonight?". And I did...Helena got so excided that started walking across the club, dancing and singing to "Proud Mary"!!! It was so fynny! I laughed with all my heart!!!

 Helena Paparizou/ Make Up by Yiannis Marketakis

  • Tell us one secret tip that women should never forget in order to maintain their natural beauty. Well, that's a super tip for our friends reading these lines: get a beige lip liner and try to draw a faint lip line, to the external of your natural lip line. That could make your lips look more juicy and fleshy!
  • How do you define real beauty? What's real beauty for me? "Less is more".

Many thanks to you Yiannis for taking the time to answer to my questions!!! It's such a big honor for me! Hope to meet you in person sometime. Wishing you all the best! xxx

 Remember one of my previous posts about Yiannis' new book Kingdom of Beauty ? Well, I recommend that you go and buy it now! You 'll be amazed...

You can enjoy more of Yiannis' work at


Alessia said...

Wow another interview i see!Congartulations!But how did you achieve it?Via e-mail?!Anyhow,I admire you!!!!

Maddie said...

Wow! Great interview! Way to go girl:)

Marina e Camilla said...

wow... Love your blog soo much. It's really chic. A big big hug!

jenny said...

the book is just perfect

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