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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

EXCLUSIVELY On La Fashionelle: MultiTalented Tassos Sofroniou

Tassos Sofroniou is definitely not like any other typical person who happens to like and work for the fashion industry. So, let's get things started...
Tassos is currently the Fashion Director of Free Magazine . He is also working as a Marketing Freelancer and Design Consultant for several Fashion and Retail Companies. But his interests do not stop here...He is also into Photography, he actually is extremely visual, as he describes himself on "My Space". Plus, he loves styling and, judging by his photo shootings, must admit he is damn good! Tassos even invents the concepts for his photo shootings all by himself...Last season, we had the chance to enjoy him and his work in fashion TV show "Greece's Next Top Model". Pfff...I'm already exhausted by even mentioning all these! Wonder how he manages all that! Is a 24 hour day enough for him?
So, let's get to know him better through this short Blog-Interview...

*You consider yourself as a workaholic. What's a typical day of yours?
7.30 I' m up checking my mails and appointment schedule. 9:30 I' m off to the gym and by 11:00 my working day starts 'till 22:00 on a slow day! During the day I might shoot an editorial, do a meeting after and arrange all my projects before I sleep.My job is very important and I' m all up for it regardless the time.

*Where do you draw inspiration for the concepts of several fashion photo shootings that you manage?
I' m a visual and information junkie.I read and watch everything around me, I still buy magazines and books and love the whole process of discovering new stuff on the shelves or on line. I' m usually inspired by weird things like emotion, smells, facial features and body language.

*What's your biggest stylish obsession lately for women?
I love healthy long natural hair and olive skin. Blend it with a cool Rick Owens dress with super Rodarte killer heels with a laid back attitude, some gloss and this girl is my muse.

*Who would you describe as the most stylish person?
Only one which I miss since she s gone about a year ago. Issy Blow. But Carine Roitfeld is by far the real savior of style for the females of the new century. Never ever miss an issue of French Vogue. Bible on the rocks!

*What's your biggest goal that you dream of every night before going to sleep?
I don' t dream as I' m past that state a long time ago.I envision , do the right moves and achieve my goal in my time limit. So far, it seems to be working just fine. Plus that when I sleep, I prefer to dream other things than work (!)

*You participated in the fashion TV show "Greece's Next Top Model". Tell me more about the second season that's coming. Have you started auditions for new girls? When can we expect the first episode?
Yes, the auditions have started but the production will take some time as now I' m focusing on the Miss Greece Beauty Pageant that will take place on June 16th from Ant1 TV.
NTM will start shooting late August and the 1st episode will be on air first week of October 2010.
We 'll be tougher, the girls will have to work harder to compete and we 'll create some fantastic new photo shoots for people who love fashion. It will be better than going the movies and easier to travel mentally in any fantasy land you wish and desire at no additional cost.

Thank you Tassos so much for answering to my questions! Huge honor for me!  I am a big enthusiast of yours! Wishing you all the best!


Hetty said...

Thanks for your answer! Which lay out do you use then? I tried it several times but I can't find the right one.

Maddie said...

Another great interview. Way to go girl!

Kelly said...

He is sooooooo good!!!!!!

katerina said...

You have a great interview here! Well done! I love this guy!

Tatiana said...

Loved it, I can't wait for the next one!!!!! Whose gonna do it???

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