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Monday, May 10, 2010

Athens Street Wear

Mulberry Alexa Bag, Lanvin Ballerinas, H&M T-shirt

Balenciaga Day Bag, Juicy Couture Ballerinas

Burberry Bag

Louis Vuitton cross bag

Balenciaga Work Bag, Met Jeans, Zara Khaki Jacket

Capturing Street Wear moments can be so interesting and fun! That was a first attempt....there will be more and hopefully better... Promise!


Angie said...

kala e....???proskunw Alexa bag...den uparxei...latrevw th nea collection ths Mulberry...

Alessia said...

K egw proskunw thn Alexa bag!3eroume timoula?profanws h oikonomikh krish den exei aggi3ei autes tis A8inaies...!

La fashionelle said...

timi tsouxteri!!!h moda apaitei thisies :)) lol

Tatiana said...

Xalali pragmatika!

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