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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bar Rafaeli shows the way...

Bar Rafaeli caught walking on the streets.  She's a supermodel, she's considered (and hell yeah, she is) one of the most desired women. Take a closer look at her. She does not have the proportions that we are used to see in top models. And by saying this, please don't get me wrong...I mean the girl has THE body, she's just not skinny...and we are used to skinny figures when it comes to models!
Fashion have reached to a point where skinny is normal. Well, just let me tell you that, skinny is NO LONGER in fashion! Rafaeli IS a super sexy normal model that feels comfortable in her own skin. She is curved and feminine. Show the way Bar!


1 comment:

Ricardo said...

Bar Rafaeli for there are no words to describe it, I love your civil or casual appearance as seen here, she is very beautiful and can not hide because wherever she goes not go unnoticed.

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