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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tribute to Mara Desypris

Mara Desypris for Vogue Hellas / June 2009

Mara Desypris for Vogue Mag.

Mara Desypris for Conceptual Magazine/Cyprus

Mara Desypris for Gynaika Mag

Mara Desypris for Votre Beaute

 Mara Desypris for Close Up

 Mara Desypris is one of my fav Greek fashion photographers. Her work is very acknowledged in Greece and there are so many good reasons for that... she is very passionate with her work and so imaginative. She used to be a model before she began photo-shooting, so she knows the fashion world form the inside...She has also published her very own book called "Self Portrait", where you can find the most important photos of her entire career, 'till now. I also like the way she lives her life... she has a very loose and rock personality. All my credits to Mara. She make us so proud!


Alessia said...

I love these pics!What's up?I haven't seen u in my blog recently!!

La fashionelle said...

I must have messed it up! You changed your profile picture (I was looking for that Alexander McQueen clutch!), Promise to comment on your posts soon! :)

joanaddicted said...

It's very beautiful making such a tribute to someone for his job. Mara seems to be one of the best in the greek industry. Her work is always such an inspiration! Well done, girl!

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