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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coming Soon: BowWow

Moschino collaborated with Kartell (the well known furniture company) and created the BowWow, these cute ballet flats made of 100% recyclable materials. But you have to wait 'cause they will be on the market at early 2011!



Tatiana said...

omg I LOVE THEM!! I found the previous design (now on sales) in hot spots in London and I just discovered them in Brussels as was planning to buy them, but now since you propose it....I GO TOMORROW!!!! Give me your opinion on colors

La fashionelle said...

ela re...ta exoun ekei? se ti timh kumainontai? na pareis h to mauro me ton bez fiogo h to sketo to nude pou paei me ola! kai to ble ilektric einai wraio vevaia....

Tatiana said...

90€ exoune alla tis aples mpalarines. Tha pao to savato na do poso exoune me ekptosi!!!! Kari kopeks omos mou silane oti meinane monk aspra k kitrino :( I will keep you posted

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