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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Emily Didonato/ Numero Mag/ shot by Anthony Maule

Maybe it's hot outside....but fashion is always one step forward you know....So you better be prepared for a lot of fur coats and jackets this fall/winter. Get yourself one (better be faux for our own good, we shouldn't forget that, myself included) and add some glam to your style!

Look at Emily's face. She is a living angel. Her face characteristics are in perfect harmony. Her look is so intense, her lips are so well-shaped and juicy. Her nose in perfect symmetry with her whole face line. She seems like she can touch the absolute perfection. You just cannot get your eyes off of her.
Now here's a lesson I've learned today:
Do not pretend to be something that you are not.  
You are pretty? Good for you! Lucky one in some way!
You're not? Good for you too! That  gives you the chance to prove that you are actually pretty in so many different ways!  
Perfection lives inside each one of us! That may sound so cliche but that's the truth!  
I better remind that lesson to myself everyday :)

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E said...

I lovedlovedLOVED your blog! I clicked Older Posts like 10 times back.. I especially love dyour bags on every outfit post that you had! Very good choices, especially the Alexa Mulberry and the purple Marc Jacobs bag! As of now Im an official follower!!

Elena from The One With The Fashion

Check my blog too if you want! xx

afro said...

very nice are soooo right!!

La fashionelle said...

@E: you make me really happy girl!that's the reason why this blog has been created in the first find love and support from fashion enthusiasts like you are!
P.S. loved your bags too :)
can't help but be a new follower of u too!

kirstyb said...

lovely pics xxxxx

Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Love the pics!

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