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Thursday, July 29, 2010

In My Own Flesh

Nike running shoes

JBrand jeans

Abercrombie&Fitch hoodie

Balenciaga Work bag

I love fashion...I mean, I am literally obsessed with fashion. Days do not pass by without visiting the stores or even buying that  "cute dress/skirt/blouse  I found the other day". Fashion adds color to my life. Of course, there are things that are more important, no doubt about that, but speaking about the everyday things that give you a little joy, then clothes are definitely included!
Although, I looooove staring at people that are passing by, looking at their outfits (this is truly inspirational for me), thinking about what could I do to improve their total look and make them look even better (OMG, I just realized I am doing this all the time unconsciously!), if I had to choose my own ultimate outfit....well, that would be the exact match above. Strange for a girl that likes to keep up with the trends and be on fashion. But that's the  truth! This is what my ultimate outfit would be....and I mean that. I could wear these runners, my own used jeans, my favorite hoodie and my beloved Balenciaga Work bag like forever! I could go anywhere with that outfit! It's like I feel I am in my own flesh wearing these clothes. Well, maybe I prefer more to see all these fancy clothes on other people! Or maybe I prefer to wear them on a special occasion. In my everyday life I would prefer to be as simple as it gets. But that's not possible all the time. Most of the times you have to follow the dress code...which is quite fun to be honest, but definitely not that comfortable!

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