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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Statement: Socks

Socks over tights

Socks over pants

Woolen socks worn with booties

Socks with heels

Socks under booties, worn with girly skirt

Black socks in high contrast with the pumps

Socks worn with androgynous shoes

Woolen socks worn with sandals

I like that trend, it gives an extra style to your outfit. You can wear socks pretty much with everything! All you need is your imagination and some courage (!) Sometimes I am too shy on trying new things although I love them....I hate myself for that...What can I say? Maybe I'll try harder this fall...



asterias said...

To pedilo to teleutaio (prada)
einai para polu wraio alla me ...kaltsa?an kai i sugkekrimeni tou paei...xaxax

La fashionelle said...

kai mena to teleutaio mou arese reaki...kai nai loipon me kaltsa...ti na kanoume, auto protassei h moda.....xaxaxa

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