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Friday, August 13, 2010

Simone Camille

You may have noticed that there has been a great fuss about these Simone Camille handbags on From the moment they arrive, they are already sold out!. The reason is as simple as that:  they are one of a kind! That means that each bag comes into one or two pieces and this is it! They are made of unique, vintage, high quality garments so this is why you have to pay approximately 1,800$ to get one!

I crave for the first one shown in the pics...

 Nicole Richie is a good friend of Camille and was the first to have started carrying the bag around.



cinnam0n~ said...

wow!i love them all!!

Polkaways said...

Not my type of bags at all but I must admit they're really well done!


Pepa monerri said...

Hola, como puedo comprar uno de los bolsos?
Muchas gracias

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