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Thursday, May 26, 2011


 I love Chanel bags, I mean who doesn't? I get so sad though when I see the price must save a fortune (like I did for my very own)  to get a Chanel and it's so hard to choose between all these beautiful designs, classic, fashion and shopping ones...
But at the end you just have to buy one, only one...I tried so many times to start saving money for buying a Chanel but I ended up buying something else in the meanthime! And the saddest thing is, that I visited the Chanel boutique the other day and found out that prices for the classic designs, such as the 2.55 bag, have raised up even more from the last time I visited the store. I mean, twice in a year? This is way too much!  Now, I'll just have to save like forever for my next purchase...:(

And it's just not worth it, someone might say, to pay so much money for a bag. It's only a bag, for God's shake. And that may be right!  But, what can you tell when you're obsessed with bags, and especially with Chanel ones? :(

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LopiAmaria said...

that's the saddest.. chanel classic bags costed 2.600 euros when i went in chanel's boutique in rome. so much money.. like working 3 months only for a bag..

Soleil St. Fleur said...

I hear yah! Louis Vuitton raises their prices quarterly!- can you believe that?! Luxury does come with a cost :os. xx from Soleil

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